Not your average lawyer. Charlie is a New York based lawyer, though he doesn’t define himself by his profession. He finds the most joy in serving his community and writing think pieces on his world views. Charlie has volunteered in the White Plains public schools for 27 years (17 years on the Board of Education), has spent 9 years as a presenter in prisons as part of a therapeutic/educational program, and even finds the time to teach early morning spin classes. Charlie has a relentless thirst for human connection, always wanting to learn from those whose stories differ from his. Growing up with a psychologist and an artist as parents, as well as attending a diverse, experimental school district in Greenburgh, New York, helped shape him into the man he is today. Charlie is married to his high school sweetheart, with whom he has two adult children. Charlie is in his 63rd trip around the sun. He has never understood all the ways that humans separate and divide themselves from one another. At any given moment, because of births and deaths, there is a particular population of humans on the planet that are sharing a journey; the brief sprint from cradle to grave. That's not fatalistic, it is what is is. If we do not find ways to mature as a species, to come together to solve the issues with which we are confronted, the future may not play out so well. In his writings Charlie explores his observations and thoughts about what he has seen, experienced and his hope that we can have full, frank and respectful conversations to address issues that often times make us uncomfortable. Remember, no change comes without some discomfort. One World/One Love. Peace.